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Judith Fusco

Dr. Judith Fusco is a research scientist in SRI International's Center for Technology in Learning, and specializes in researching and developing online communities, technologies, and resources. Dr. Fusco's research on community involves examining social and technical supports necessary for online community, understanding individual and group readiness, understanding the nature of online education communities of practice, evaluating models of online professional learning, and analyzing and applying social network analysis (SNA) techniques to quantitative data gathered in the community. She was a co-founder of Tapped In, an international network of educators engaged in diverse forms of informal and formal professional development and peer support, and director of online community research for both Tapped In and CTLNet, a professional network developed by SRI to support NSF-funded Centers for Learning and Teaching. In addition, Judi has developed new models for online professional development and learning (for faculty members and K12 teachers) for organizations and projects like, NCREL, PBS, Pepperdine University, Milwaukee Public Schools, Destination SBL, and Los Angeles County Office of Education.

Before coming to SRI International, she worked at Apple Computer leading the community development of Convomania, on an online community for kids who are sick or have a disability. After Convomania ended in 1998, Dr. Fusco, Teresa Middleton (CTL alum) and others formed the online community called PatchWorx, a 501c3 non-profit organization for kids who are sick or have a disability.